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Who are we?

Let’s discover what WhiteSquare is about?


WhiteSquare is an emotion, it’s the happiness that you can see. It’s that curve on the smile that you get after getting together with your friends or the excitement that you feel after meeting your family after a long time.

‘Share a smile together’

WhiteSquare is all about …

WhiteSquare emphasizes on a modern and progressive approach to be a global force of innovation committed to making lives happier and better. It aims to bring happiness and positivity and give a reason for everyone to share a smile together.

To be the ray of happiness as a lifestyle brand to get everyone together.

Let’s see what’s in store for our consumers

Whitesquare is a corporate brand, all the products and offerings will be under the parent umbrella brand of “WhiteSquare”. The branding across all the offerings will be consistent and their underlying values and ideas will not differ so much as the parent brand. All the elements of its offerings will have the same brand elements such as logos, typography, and so on. Other sub-brands will also carry the parent brand name in all the communication platforms with the post-fix “by WhiteSquare”.

— Tagline

In respect to select the best taglines for the brand, we went ahead to look at different aspects

WhiteSquare wants you to start new. Start new experiences or a journey or start a new milestone to achieve.

WhiteSquare is about grooving with life and move with the flow. It’s about stepping up to the track and keeping it like that.

WhiteSquare wants you to go all out to do something, remove hesitations, do something unexpected and get yourself out.


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