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Branding Strategy

What we will do ?

With this proposed Branding Strategy we aim to reposition and transition the branding strategy of our brand WhiteSquare and create a new and fresh image as a lifestyle brand.

Let’s get started with the objectives first.

To create awareness and buzz about the brand and the value and brand elements that resonate with WhiteSquare.

To transition from current positioning as a technology brand to a lifestyle brand. Adding to that the transition of other brand elements and identities to the new one. 

To ideate the communication between products and the emotions of people.
To make the brand more human-friendly.

To build a consumer base for every product and create the basis for LFR store and Online sales.

Brand Transitioning

Step 01

  • Plan out a particular day for the announcement for rebranding (if any)
  • Adaptation of new brand elements into the brand communication.
  • Once we enter the local market and offline stores existing products will be promoted based on existing strategy and new products will be introduced with a new branding strategy plan
  • Before transition, we need to have our assets ready such as social media templates, a list of PR, fresh keywords for the website SEO, fresh content of the product, a new and revamped website, a fresh amazon portal with products info.
  • Run campaigns that are not centered around sales. Focus on promoting the brand name and its subsequent brand architecture.
  • Focus mainly on digital portals like website, social media, email marketing, and SEO for the initial 4 months.

Brand Awareness

Step 02

  • The idea behind the campaigns would be to promote the brand through different means along with the promotion of products
  • Continuous campaigns and videos around the proposed positioning and brand voice.
  • Celebrity shoutouts about WhiteSquare through product campaigns based around the brand first and then the product.
  • Public relations and press releases about the brand being people-centric and as a friendly brand.

Emotional Branding

Step 03

  • Creating campaigns that will focus more on brand values and emotions for a period of 6 months.
  • The brand value shall be inherited in every element.
  • Focus on Emotive ads
  • Following up and treating people on their birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Run special offers around days like ‘International Happiness Day’ to instill brand values in the minds of people and resonate with our tagline.

Build Consumer Base

Step 04

  • The positioning campaigns will co-relate to all types of lifestyles yet being specific about the product.
  • To introduce brand loyalty programs to offer special discounts or points to aim at creating a community for our loyal consumers.
  • Focus on valued customer service and monitor feedback periodically.

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