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Competition Competition

Competitor Analysis

Brand Value– High

Pricing – High

Brand Loyalty– High

Brand Tag – Extraordinary technicals insights with premium quality

Market Adaptability– Usually follows the norms

Market Place – Tier 1

Brand Value– High to medium

Pricing – Medium

Brand Loyalty– Low to Medium

Brand Tag – Comfortable relationship with technology/easy to experience

Market Adaptability– Slow

Market Place – Tier 1,Tier 2 & Tier 3

Brand Value– Medium

Pricing – Medium to low

Brand Loyalty– Medium

Brand Tag – High-end features at affordable price

Market Adaptability– Stays ahead of time

Market Place – Tier 2/Lower middle working class

Brand Value– High

Pricing – Medium

Brand Loyalty– High

Brand Tag – Mid-range with advanced features

Market Adaptability– High

Market Place – Tier 1 & Tier 2

Target Audience Target Audience

What are we looking at?

This is a proposed target list we have curated to implement our branding strategy for WhiteSquare. It is best to say that we do not have any predefined notions for it as we believe in a family and aim to target all lifestyles and groups in the future to be a part of WhiteSquare. Let’s just say we are just getting started.

Target Age

You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is.

Let’s aim to choose wisely and intelligently.

How do we define our factors to find the right consumer?

Determining the target groups and lifestyles is as important as finding the right market and audience for any brand today. Consumers and brand values go hand in hand and should resonate with each other. So let’s find that out.

  • Have their own home
  • Lives in a high residential society
  • Travels often
  • Annual income>5 lac
  • Dependent on technology for utilities

Personality & Lifestyle

They prefer to spend more on quality things and do not hesitate to step back when they see a higher price. They weigh qualitative attributes more than financial attributes.

When it comes to happiness many of these customers like to flaunt. They are happy about their purchases rather than their bills since they’d be able to flaunt their new buy with their known ones.

They focus more on how advantageous a product is while dealing or arguing with their partners in a purchase process.

They like to stay updated and are someone who is keen on exploring anything in detail along with showing off their new purchase to their friends or colleagues. They research well before buying anything.

They look after their close ones and are social. They like to get together with their friends every now and then. They like to gift during the holiday seasons, birthdays, anniversaries, or simply any occasion is an excuse for them. They also take part in the household and are keen to be active to help their partners or parents.

They are known as tech geeks in their families or in their groups. Everyone comes to them for advice while getting something and in return, they leave no stone unturned to help them and influence them to make a purchase.

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