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Understand us better

‘WhiteSquare is unique’

It doesn’t follow a certain norm to abide by the rules of society. It cares about what people are looking for, stays ahead of time, and thinks outside the box.



Whitesquare as a creator fosters true innovation and beauty in order to influence society. It creates a sense of alacrity towards the audience with each step. It is visionary and likes to think of new and innovative ideas to resonate with our goals.

This is how we define us :

Just like our goals that are refined and focused, WhiteSquare aims to create something that adds value to life.

To be a progressive brand that aims to bring and project adaptability in the eyes of the consumer. It’s time to bring it all together.


We assimilate perfection with quality. Our passion to showcase progressive and perceptible quality at every step which is why we’d be taking care of every brand elements such as logo, layouts, typography to align right with the way we want to project the brand further. WhiteSquare tagline and the logo will resonate together along with the marketing communication tools to define how we want to project the idea of being progressive and flex on quality.

Modern, Minimal & Flexible

The brand appearance is future-oriented with a minimalistic approach in every detail and outlook of the brand. We don’t permit ourselves to be reined by inflexible requirements. This directly ideates how our brand elements can be used and the way in which we will define our templates, logo, and placements to give a flexible edge to the brand. Our layout and designs will give us the freedom to address the target group more effectively.


We stay away from anything unnecessary, beautifying, and center around the fundamentals – both in design and in our communication. We give the components space to produce results and highlight our mentality.


Our brand approach and designs enable instant understanding of the concepts and messages that we want to portray. This is why people’s partnership gets together with our brand to engage at every stage of design and make it more human-centric.

Familial & Friendly

Our approach is towards an intuitive understanding of how we want to get familiar with the people. Our range of products and experiences aren’t just a tangible entity but also a part of the family which helps them at every stage of their life. “Whitesquare is a part of the family”, “WhiteSquare is a friend”, “Whitesquare is a buddy”. We aim to sit right there in the minds of people to ensure that we are more than just a product, a company, or a concept.

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