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Brand Voice

WhiteSquare aims to make sure that the values, personality, and aesthetics of the brand are in sync when people interact with the brand.

01 Friendly

We talk about moments of how friends and family come together and how they do everything together. WhiteSquare talks in a friendly way yet try not to be over-friendly or sassy while communicating with people.

Be friendly, candid, warm, and fun.

Don’t be over-friendly, interfering, intimate, or too harsh.

02 Emotions

We care about your emotions and happiness just like you do for your friends and family. That brings us here to share our purpose of building smiles with you.

Be kind, compassionate and give others a reason to smile.

Don’t be too emotional, brash, or blunt.

03 Enthusiasm

Are you excited about your reunions and get-togethers? Let’s make it more meaningful by adding our elements of surprise and fun to it and double your enthusiasm.

Be free, outgoing, and energetic.

Don’t be vigorous and fanatical.

WhiteSquare gets you all excited about meeting your close ones again.

Checklist your wishes with your BFFs, and join our family.

Make your first’s memorable with WhiteSquare.

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